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Capturing Nashville: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram-Worthy Photo Spots

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Capturing Nashville: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram-Worthy Photo Spots

Published by Stephen Cummings on Jan 30

Nashville's Colorful Street Art Scene

Famous Murals

Nashville isn't just the home of country music; it's also a canvas for vibrant street art that can transform your Instagram feed. Among the city's most iconic murals is the "What Lifts You" mural in the Gulch. This interactive artwork features a large set of wings by Kelsey Montague, inviting visitors to become part of the art themselves. It's not just a photo opportunity ; it's an experience. Another Music City classic is the "I Believe In Nashville" mural located in the 12 South neighborhood. This emblematic piece captures the spirit of the city and is a must-capture for both tourists and locals alike. And let's not forget about the diverse array of other Instagram-worthy murals scattered throughout Nashville, like the Kissy Lips Mural, Flower Mural, and World Peace Mural, each adding their unique flavor to the city's artistic landscape.

Neighborhoods for Street Art

The best murals aren't confined to one area; they're spread across several vibrant neighborhoods. The Gulch, 12 South, East Nashville, and Wedgewood-Houston each boast a high concentration of Instagram-worthy murals and street art. These neighborhoods offer an eclectic mix of art that reflects the city's cultural diversity and creative spirit. Whether you're looking for a whimsical backdrop or a thought-provoking piece, Nashville's neighborhoods deliver.

Capturing Nashville's Skyline and Scenic Views

Nashville's skyline is an ever-changing canvas that paints a picture of the city's vibrant energy and growth. Among the best spots to capture this dynamic view is from the multitude of rooftop bars scattered throughout the city. These spots not only serve up some of the best cocktails in town but also provide a spectacular platform to photograph Nashville from an elevated perspective. As the sun sets, the city lights begin to twinkle, offering a magical backdrop for that perfect Instagram shot. The L27 Rooftop Lounge , with its unparalleled views of downtown Nashville, is a prime example of such a location where the urban skyline meets the art of mixology.

For those who prefer the solid ground beneath their feet, the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge presents another fantastic photo opportunity. This bridge is not only a piece of Nashville's infrastructure but also a scenic viewpoint that offers expansive views of the city's skyline juxtaposed against the peaceful flow of the Cumberland River. Whether you're capturing the early morning calm with soft light bathing the buildings or the vibrant hues of sunset reflecting off the river, this bridge provides a versatile setting for photographers. The unique perspective it offers, combining the natural beauty of the river with the architectural elegance of the city, makes it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to add an iconic Nashville vista to their Instagram feed.

Exploring Nashville's Rich History and Architecture

Nashville's storied past and distinctive architecture offer a treasure trove of photographic opportunities for those eager to explore the city's cultural heritage. At the heart of this rich history stands the Ryman Auditorium , affectionately referred to as the "Mother Church of Country Music." This iconic venue, with its intricate details and storied walls, provides a backdrop that is as visually captivating as it is historically significant, making it a must-visit for anyone aiming to capture the essence of Nashville's musical roots. Not far behind in terms of architectural grandeur and historical importance is the Grand Ole Opry House. This venue has played a pivotal role in shaping the country music landscape, and its imposing structure against the Nashville skyline offers a striking image that encapsulates the city's enduring love affair with music.

Further adding to Nashville's array of unique photographic settings is the Hermitage Hotel 's famous bathroom. This might sound like an unusual suggestion at first glance, but this lavishly decorated space, with its art deco design and opulent fixtures, has gained renown as one of the city's most unexpectedly Instagrammable spots. Its elegance and charm offer a glimpse into the city's glamorous side, showcasing that Nashville's historical and architectural appeal extends beyond its music venues and into the very details of its most distinguished buildings. Whether you're a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for that perfect, unique photo to add to your Instagram feed, Nashville's historic landmarks and buildings provide a backdrop that is as rich in story as it is in beauty.

Trendy Eateries and Instagrammable Decor

Photogenic Eateries

For the foodies and interior design lovers, Nashville doesn't disappoint. The Hampton Social and Pinewood Social are among the trendy restaurants that not only serve delicious food but also boast interiors designed with Instagram in mind. From nautical themes to rustic chic, these eateries provide the perfect setting for a photo op. Liberty Common is also popular for their visually appealing decor, offering ample opportunities to snap that perfect shot.

Unique Storefronts

Shopping in Nashville can be a visually rewarding experience thanks to stores like Draper James and Uncommon James. These shops feature exteriors that are as stylish as the products inside, making them ideal spots for capturing unique, Instagram-worthy photos. Additionally, The Golden Slipper and White's Mercantile stand out with their charming storefronts and eye-catching displays, further enhancing Nashville's reputation as a city of photogenic spots.

Nashville's Natural Beauty and Parks

Nashville isn't just a haven for music lovers and foodies; it also boasts an array of natural landscapes that are perfect for those Instagram snaps you're dreaming of. Centennial Park , with its iconic Parthenon replica, offers more than just a slice of ancient Greece in the heart of Tennessee. Its sprawling lawns and water features make it an idyllic spot for a leisurely photo session amid nature. Then there's Cheekwood Botanical Gardens , a true photographer's delight, where the meticulously curated flower beds and themed gardens provide a colorful backdrop to any picture. Whether it's the vibrant tulips in spring or the golden hues of autumn leaves, Cheekwood is a must-visit for those seeking the beauty of nature in their photographs.

But the allure of Nashville's natural beauty doesn't end there. Radnor Lake State Park invites nature enthusiasts and photographers alike to immerse themselves in its tranquil surroundings. With its wooded trails and calm waters, it offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life, allowing visitors to capture the serene side of Nashville. And for those who prefer a blend of nature with architectural marvels, the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center is a spectacle unto itself. Its lavish indoor gardens, complete with rivers and waterfalls, provide a unique setting for photos that are sure to stand out on any Instagram feed. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or finding nature intertwined with human creativity, Nashville's parks and natural attractions are where you'll find those perfect, Instagram-worthy shots.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Instagram Photo in Nashville

Nashville's photogenic allure is undeniable, but capturing that perfect Instagram shot requires a bit of strategy. Timing is everything when it comes to photography, especially in popular locations. By visiting iconic spots during off-peak hours, you not only avoid the crowds but also have the luxury of taking your time to get the right shot. Early mornings bring soft, diffused light, ideal for portraits and murals, while the golden hour of late afternoon casts a warm glow that can make the cityscape or a historic building like the Ryman Auditorium look absolutely enchanting. This attention to timing ensures your photos capture the true essence of Nashville's beauty.

Moreover, embracing creativity in your photography can set your Instagram feed apart. Nashville is a city of angles—from the sweeping views on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge to the intricate details of the "What Lifts You" mural in the Gulch, there's no shortage of diverse photo opportunities. Experimenting with different perspectives, such as a low-angle shot that emphasizes the towering presence of the murals or a bird's-eye view from one of Nashville's rooftop bars, can add an intriguing layer to your content. Remember, the goal is to tell a story through your lens, showcasing not just the beauty of Nashville but also your unique vision and style.

Respectful Exploration of Nashville's Photogenic Spaces

Exploring Nashville's plethora of photogenic spots offers an exciting adventure for both avid Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts alike. Amidst capturing the perfect shot, it's crucial to navigate these spaces with a sense of respect and mindfulness. Nashville is not just a backdrop for photos; it's a living, breathing city with a rich cultural tapestry. Engaging with the local community, whether it's striking up a conversation with a mural artist or patronizing a small café you stumbled upon while searching for that perfect shot, enriches your experience and supports the local economy. Remember, the beauty of these spots is amplified by the stories and people behind them, making your exploration a more meaningful endeavor.

While immersing yourself in the quest for Instagram-worthy photos, consider the impact of your visit on the local environment and community. Practice responsible tourism by being mindful of private properties and adhering to any posted guidelines or requests from residents. The charm of Nashville's photogenic spaces is preserved through the collective effort of visitors and locals alike. By showing appreciation for the artistry and history represented in these locations, you contribute to sustaining Nashville's allure for future visitors. Supporting local businesses and artists by shopping locally or mentioning them in your Instagram posts not only gives back to the community but also helps in promoting Nashville's vibrant culture and creativity to a wider audience.

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